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Hello everyone. I am sorry for my long silence - a lot has happened, and I am aware that I still owe a few of you some artworks. I have managed to grab some free time and I will get on them right away. At the same time, I might be opening up for commissions very soon. Details below:


Sabah, one of the fourteen states in Malaysia, is a popular tourist destination due to its majestic mountain, Mount Kinabalu, which is listed as the 20th most prominent mountains in the word. The locals revere it as the resting place for their departed, whereas others have come far and wide to conquer its peaks and enjoy the view.

However, on June 5th, 2015, an earthquake measuring 6.0 on the Richter scale shook the center of Sabah for 30 seconds. While minor tremors are sometimes felt, this is the first time an earthquake of that scale has affected the usually quiet state, so the locals (and infrastructure) were poorly equipped for such incident. At the time I am typing this out, a total of 19 fatalities are recorded (both visitors and locals), 137 who were stranded have been rescued successfully, and the local guides are searching for those who are still missing.

I wasn't there when this shocking incident took place, but I was born and bred in Sabah and I still have my family and friends there (the anxiety I felt throughout that day is still fresh in my mind). We know how difficult it is to lose a loved one, so we are going to set up a charity fund for those who have departed too soon. I am going to do my part by doing digital art commissions ranging from USD$5 to USD$10 for a duration of a few weeks, and the funds collected will all go straight to the cause (I will post up some more information as soon as we have set the charity through proper channels).

Words can't express how saddened we are to hear the loss, and we would like to extend our deepest condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones.
Ever heard of :icontantaku:?

This guy is awesome! He's got some gorgeous details for colour and poses, and his artworks are so full of personality! Also, he's open for commissions (get some delicious artworks for an amazing deal)!

Do check him out!

Hi everyone!

I'm sorry I haven't been updating for a while. An old injury recently resurfaced - it constantly fires the nerves in the joints of my fingers and the soft tissues in my wrist get inflamed (I find myself constantly putting down the pencil/stylus every 2 minutes due to the immense pain). However, I'm undergoing physiotherapy in dealing with the damaged nerve located near my shoulder/neck area, so hopefully I will get back on the saddle very soon.

So until then, stay cool and remember to keep a good posture while drawing/working (and take frequent breaks)!
Glue Studios, an animation production company based in Cyberjaya (Malaysia) is looking to expand their family! Head over to their official website or Facebook page for more information.

Positions available:
3D artist/asset builders
3D animator
Sound/audio designer
Storyboard artist

All are on full-time basis.
Hello Lovely people!

A friend of mine is putting together a compilation of Sabahan folklore in comic form, so he calling out to all Sabahan artists out there who would be interested in contributing a 12-page comic to the project. The deadline is some time in April. Do email him at for more information (rates, print size, BnW/colour, etc etc) and check out their progress and concept art on their Facebook page :) Be sure to forward him your DA address as well.

Stay cool, everyone!

Terribly sorry I haven't been able to post up any artworks for a while; I am taking a break, but here's hoping that it'll be a very short one.
Terribly sorry for the lack of updates, everyone... but here's a small news especially for those who are looking to work on an animated series.

Glue Studios, an animation studio based in Cyberjaya (Malaysia), is currently looking for a full-time storyboard artist(s) to join their pre-production team.

More details can be found on their Facebook page.
I while ago I have done 33 cards for :icon5finity:'s Lady Death Series 2 sketch card. I have received the 3 AE return cards, and they are for sale. Details can be found here.

Do PM me if you are interested or have any questions :)

Thanks for looking and have a good one!
Sorry folks, all the slots have been filled up... But stay tuned for the next one!
Ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to inform all of you that I am now open to commissions!

However, I only have five slots open for either full-coloured 2.5" x 3.5" sketch card or A4-sized black & white digital sketch. Details for sketch card commissions can be found here, and it may be applicable to digital sketches as well (except I will be charging it for USD$10 for each character).

So if you have any questions or are interested, do send me a note or email me at



Slots available (as of 2nd October): SOLD OUT!
Ladies and gentlemen,

As one of the storyboards artists and assistant directors from Giggle Garage, I would like to thank everyone who had voted for ORIGANIMALS... because it had snagged FIRST PLACE in the DigiCon6 competition (We now have the chance to compete with other entries from all over Asia in Japan)!


Congratulations to Glue Studios - their IP, RIMBA RACER, ties on first place with the beautiful Sunsastera in the IPCC Super Pitch this year (which is a first time for such an event)! I had the pleasure of working alongside the wonderful talents involved in this project as the character designer and storyboard artist during the early stage of the project :) Do feast your eyes on their full sizzle trailer here.
Congratulations to Giggle Garage, Glue Studios and Black Hole Studio! Their animated shorts/trailers of Origanimals, Anak-Anak & Bongkoron and The Amazing Awang Khenit are shortlisted among the top 10 best submissions (from Malaysia) for Digicon 6.

Super high-fives also go out to the other Malaysian animation studios/student submissions with their own amazing clips, and your votes could give them a chance to head over to Japan and compete with other entries from all over Asia!

Do click on the link below, feast upon their short animations/trailers by clicking on the thumbnails, and give them a boost by hitting on the VOTE button:


(It's an honour to have worked on both Origanimals and Anak-Anak & Bongkoron. Do check them out! :D)
Heyya folks!

As the title says, read on about it on Rufftoon's Journal :) Good luck!
But I'll keep marching on anyway. So there.
Hi everyone!

Glue Studios, an animation studio based in Cyberjaya (Malaysia) is calling out for voice talents to audition for a few roles in their current project. For now, they are looking for the English cast. Do head over to their Facebook page for more information!

Many thanks to :iconzekaire-aquanimus: for giving me a premium membership! I really really appreciate it so much - I heart youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!
Hey everyone! I'd like you all to take a look at Mr. Shichiro's site - he sells awesome artworks for $120-$150, whereas my good friend Nasrul Hakim [Lead Concept Artist at Glue Studios], was the one who made those artworks on his free time and charges NOTHING for them. Mr Shichiro even claims he did a speed painting video of Nasrul's concept art that he did for official production work (I worked on that series!). Furthermore, Mr Shichiro's avatar looks so much like my friend Nasrul.

It's always horrible when someone plagiarises and makes profit off someone else's hard work. I am asking all of you, if you can, to spread the word about Shichiro's fraud.

Nasrul is a very nice guy, and any hardworking artist doesn't deserve this.


Wow... the fun doesn't stop there. Shichiro even claims he did these fanarts of Monster Hunter. I'm pretty sure I've seen them from Yazid's site.

Before he takes it down, look at that!

So most of the artworks have been taken down, and he comes up with an excuse why. Good luck with that bluffing. (Backup in case he takes this down too.)

Also, his tweet! So precious!

Glue Studios, an animation studio I have previously worked in, have snagged 1st and 2nd place in the recent (and annual) DigiCon 6 competition. Congrats to everyone! So proud to have been part of the team and projects :)

The Article

Next, they will be competing regionally in Japan. Wish them luck!


The talents:
:iconnerdiesid: Arnabin Jijoe
(there are more, but they have yet to put up their own personal website)
Hello all!

Kolej Yayasan Sabah has opened the only animation studio in Kota Kinabalu since 2009, and they are looking for 3D animation trainers to train their students/animators. If you are willing to work in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, for a year or two under contract/permanent, and/or any other creative talent within the field (concept design, etc.), please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Dayang Aminah and email your resume to

Fresh grads are welcome to apply!
Hello everyone! I have 5 Hack/Slash AE cards for sale, and also 5 blank Hack/Slash cards up for commissions!

For pricing and detail, do click on this link and look up my post (Mel Celestial)

Do pm or email me (with header HACK/SLASH AE) if you're interested :)
The long wait is finally over. Welcome to the world, Seri Celestial. :D
I have listed a PSC Emma Frost up on Ebay today! Head over here if you're interested to know more about it :)

For commissions, do visit my artblog for details.

Thanks and good luck!