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Hello everyone. I am sorry for my long silence - a lot has happened, and I am aware that I still owe a few of you some artworks. I have managed to grab some free time and I will get on them right away. At the same time, I might be opening up for commissions very soon. Details below:


Sabah, one of the fourteen states in Malaysia, is a popular tourist destination due to its majestic mountain, Mount Kinabalu, which is listed as the 20th most prominent mountains in the word. The locals revere it as the resting place for their departed, whereas others have come far and wide to conquer its peaks and enjoy the view.

However, on June 5th, 2015, an earthquake measuring 6.0 on the Richter scale shook the center of Sabah for 30 seconds. While minor tremors are sometimes felt, this is the first time an earthquake of that scale has affected the usually quiet state, so the locals (and infrastructure) were poorly equipped for such incident. At the time I am typing this out, a total of 19 fatalities are recorded (both visitors and locals), 137 who were stranded have been rescued successfully, and the local guides are searching for those who are still missing.

I wasn't there when this shocking incident took place, but I was born and bred in Sabah and I still have my family and friends there (the anxiety I felt throughout that day is still fresh in my mind). We know how difficult it is to lose a loved one, so we are going to set up a charity fund for those who have departed too soon. I am going to do my part by doing digital art commissions ranging from USD$5 to USD$10 for a duration of a few weeks, and the funds collected will all go straight to the cause (I will post up some more information as soon as we have set the charity through proper channels).

Words can't express how saddened we are to hear the loss, and we would like to extend our deepest condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones.
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June 7, 2015


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